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Should you use a tenant screening service on prospective applicants?

Rental Services Inc. is a full-service landlord credit check and employment screening company with access to the most current and complete background screening and tenant credit check information available….saving you time and money with every rental application.

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Rental Services nationwide tenant credit check company.

Tenant Screening Services

Rental Services, Inc. has partnered with property managers, landlords and the rental industry to provide complete tenant screening services. We have access to millions of records, both criminal and eviction, and maintain a growing database of up to the minute information.

You should settle for no less than to have a tenant screening report customized to fit your specific situation and rental requirements. RSI offers a variety of service levels, tenant scoring models and client specific rental criteria built to provide pass or fail credit standards for your applicants.

Tenant screening services can include the following: Tenant Credit Check, Criminal Records, Eviction Data, and Social Security Verification. Unlike other screening companies, RSI is capable of taking our background checks one step further. You may also choose to have one of our experienced credit investigators complete reference phone calls to verify employment and rental history. By putting our nearly 30 years of screening experience to work, we will find and report the facts on your potential tenant.

Report results can be accessed either through our office during hours of operation or conveniently from our website 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No matter your preference, our highly trained staff is always available as a resource, ready to assist you through every phase of the screening process. At RSI we provide more than just a credit check for landlords, we provide peace of mind to our clients.

Pre Employment Screening Services

Rental Services Inc. provides full service pre-employment and volunteer screening. Whether you represent a large company or small business, hiring qualified employees and volunteers is critical to your success. Rental Services, Inc. can help you get these prospective employees onboard quickly and easily through our efficient employment screening.

Screening packages may include: Credit Check, Criminal Records, Eviction Data, Social Security Verification, DMV Records, Drug Testing, Workman’s Compensation Records, Education Verification, and Licensure or Certification Verification. You may also choose to have one of our experienced credit investigators complete reference phone calls on your potential employee or volunteer. All of our packages meet the highest quality standards at the local, regional and national levels. Considering the wealth of information we offer and the personalized advantages you will enjoy while working with a local, experenced company, you’ll be especially impressed with our affordable prices. Utilize the Social Media menu to the right, to request more information (mail icon) and to visit our social media pages.